Purely Elegant Comedy


About Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance is a musical comedy duo based in Chicago, Illinois. 

They have been featured as part of Gilda's Laughfest 2019, the 2017 and 2018 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festivals, and were the winners of Snubfest 2017. They recently completed the first leg of their "Some Antics Road Show," performing in Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, and St Louis. 

Their debut album, "Southern Comedy for Non-Southern People" was released in December 2017. 


"I am scandalized, but in such an endearing way. They could have charged much more for that show."

Chicago Audience Member. May 2019


"It's so intense, but also so sweet-sounding. It really gets in your head."

Kansas City Audience Member. Nov 2018


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